Gabriel Prosser Plot 1800

November 25th Sept 1800




On Tuesday last Gabriel arrived here and was soon after affirmed anger in lourd the eight informed John Mario an affirmative boy, who inning in wholly informed two of the Cam Father of this Bunny and who life is fleece , you the day changed with the delivery of Mr. Gabriel and Richmond, with allies James Cole Newman on the Subject.  There Johnson the liberty of giving this statement, James announces that the informers are influences to some faith of the Revered, which is not his and to your judgment.


I am informed that Charles Curlin is amphoral influenced in the Jurassic times in Derv. Road and that he has been Summer’s.  now fro finely of the Deholy all many’s l=weing wholly thus where had in the morning ment of this being is who submitted to you. He is our Englishamen-way inhambered with the Dev. And as the founder of all the Miriam of the exeption of the united Hubris.



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