Black Prince 1757

Black Prince 1757

Letter to the Committee, from Tobias
Date:   February 14, 1757
Capt:    Peter Bostock

Very shortly after our last [February 1, 1757 – p. 175 (see letter reference below)] Capt. Bostock set out to assert that bight which in all our Opinions was unwarrantly invaded by Capt. Hays [of the Netherlands?], & as his chief mate had at that Time the Charge of the Long Boat, he thought him a fit Person to take with him that in Case Hayes should recede he might be there to confront him.  The Consequences of their being absent has been attended with melancholy circumstances, not less than an Insurrection onboard the master’d, to the Number of near 30 threw themselves into the [Gambia?} River, & notwithstanding the utmost Expedition was made [illegible] of in sending Boats & People to their assistance they nevertheless Lost 15 of as prime slaves  ever were seen on a Ship’s Deck.  The surgeon of the ship at the first Onset had his nose almost cut off, & fought during the time with the half of it hanging over his Chin. The Carpenter fared little better & the third Mate is desperately wounded in the Left hand.  There were others of ye Crew on board at the Time, but instead of doing their Duty & acting like Men, basely deserted their Trust, & run up the Tops, where they were infamous Spectators of the whole Transaction. 

PRO, T 70, 30, pp. 179-80

On page 175, we see Peter Bostock as the commander of the Black Prince (enclosure in Letter to the Committee, from Tobias Lisle, William Harvey, and Joseph Debat dated James fort, February 1, 1757)

Letter from Tobias Lisle, dated James fort, Gambia, February 14, 1757

Very shortly after their last Capt. Bostock set out, to know of Capt. Hayes the reason of his stoping & hindering his Long Boat from trading, & took his Chief Mate with him, to confront Capt. Hayes, in Case he should deny his former Behaviour.

In consequence of their Absence from the ship, the slaves rose, & in the Insurrection, they lost 15 very prime slaves.

PRO, T 70, 1694 [no page] in “Extract of Letters, No. 1: 1751-1757.”