Petition of David L. Rodgers 1820

Title: Petition of David L. Rodgers
Date: Nov. 21, 1820
First Name: David
Last Name: Rodgers
Subject:Group of Negroes in a State of rebellion
Type: General Assembly Petition
Source: Source Carolina Department of Archives and History

To the honorable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

The memorial of David L. Rodgers of Williamsborough District; Respectfully present to your honorable body, a life which he has sustained in getting a prime Negro fellow killed during the Summer of 1819.  Your Memorialist wife further states to your honorable body, the particulars of the untimely death of this Negro; which statement will be accompanied with corroborating testimony on the subject.  During the summer of 1819 a pretty large gang to the number of seventeen Negroes, have also erected and embodied themselves together committing depredations of various kinds on the property of the inhabitants.  Many attempts were made to detach the said Negroes, but all attempts proved abortive for some lapse of time.  It was eventually though to be by the Colonel of the regiment indispensably necessary that these people should turn out with the army, and quell the Negroes in their despairing acts.  This last and only possible way of subduing the Negroes was agreed upon, and considered for some time:  Ultimately the Negroes were found imbodied [sic], and measurably in a state of rebellion against the peace and welfare of the neighborhood.  They manifested in their conduct, and ? disposition to surrender, when ordered to give up; but endeavored far as possible to effect their escape:  In doing which, this said Negro fellow, belonging to your memorialist, was shot dead.

Your Memorialist will also state to your honorable body that the said Negro was very valuable in many respects; he was a good board hand, a very prime field Negro; as good sawyer; and was quite handy in the use of mechanical tools of differing kinds.  The said Negro was between forty and for five years of age; and in all probability would have commanded at the time of being killed, at least nine hundred or one thousand dollars.  It has sustained primary to being killed, uniformly a good character; with the exception of running away once or twice at fartest. Your Memorialist these [?] pray that your honorable Body; will in its philanthropy, and liberality, grand him a remuneration for the loss which he has sustained.   And farther when your honorable Body is informed that your Memorialist is not able to deal with such a loss; he will pray, that yu may grand him a caring compensation

Nov. 21, 1820
Signed David L.Rodger