The Committee on Military and Pension to whom was referred the Petition of Peter DesVerny a free person of colour for an increase of the annual bounty of the State, for meritorious services rendered the citizens of Charleston in the year 1822.  Have had the same under consideration, and beg leave to Report.

That they find that the Petitioner was in 1822 the Confidential slave of one of the most respectable gentlemen in the city of Charleston Mr. Hamilton Prileaces.  That he nor the person who revealed to his master the first information of the intended insurrection by the portion of the blacks of Charleston.  That this insurrection was intended to have commenced on Sunday night the 16th June 1822.  Headed by one Denmark Vesey: but through the loyalty of this slave to his master, and the revelations he made the citizens of Charleston was saved from being laid in ashes and the citizens from a horrid butchery.

That in consequence of these meritorious services, the Legislation passed an Act in December 1822 manumitting Peter, and remunerating him with an annual pension of $50.00 per annum.  That he is now advanced to the age of about seventy years, and very much enfected [sic] by the failure of health, that from the testimony of some of the most respectable citizens of Charleston, he has always conducted himself uprightly and mentained [sic] a good character for honesty.

Your committee in view of his past services and his advanced age and the committee on Military and Pension to whom was referred a Bill from the House to amend an act entitled an Act for the remuneration of Peter Des verny.  George Pencil and Scott as learn to report that they have considered the same and recommend that the Bill be passed with the following amendment.

Strike out two hundred dollars and insert one hundred and fifty dollars.

Respectfully submitted


Source:            Report of the Committee on Military and Pension on the House Bill to amend An Act entitled an Act for the remuneration of Peter Des Verney.  George Pencil and Scott.                                                                                                  December 14, 1837.