Ship Mary 1761

Ship: Mary
Captain: Sandys
Date: 1761
Sources: PRO Treasury 70/29-33. In Letters to the African Company 1751-1798, mostly from Cape Coast Castle, and Fort James on the river Gambia. The quotations are from T 70/29 16 Sep 1756.

The ship Mary Lancaster commanded by Captain Sandys was cut off by the Slaves and most of the people murdered. The obstinacy of the mate who succeeded on Captain Sandys’ death in the command greatly contributed to it; for notwithstanding our repeated message to come under the protection of the Fort’s guns, he kept close to the continent out of their reach – a situation always dangerous to slave vessels so that it rendered us incapable of being of any assistance. We had before prevented an insurrection on board her, when she lay nigher the Fort. The King of Barrati we prevailed on to deliver up the hull, which indeed is in a manner useless, as all her sails and rigging were destroyed and nothing left in her but her masts. We have hired her out for the proprietor’s benefit till they send some orders about her. . .