Ship Phoenix 1762

Ship: Phoenix 1762

Letter from Joseph Debat, Edmund Tew, and Thomas Radcliff to the Committee dated
James Fort, December 28, 1761

The ship Mary of Lancaster commanded by Capt Sandys, was cut off by the Slaves, & most of the people murder’d, the Obstinancy of the mate who succeeded on Capt. Sandy’s Death in the Command, greatly contributed to it, for notwithstanding Our repeated Messages to come under the protection of the Forts Guns, she kept close to the continent out of their reach, a situation always dangerous to slave Vessels so that it rendered us incapable of being of any assistance. We had before prevented an Insurrection, on board her, when she lay Niger the For.

PRO, T 70, 30, p. 436
The widows of sailors killed during the revolt on the Lancaster ship Mary (1762) receive alms from the Lancaster Parish, 1762

March 29, 1762

At a meeting held at the Golden Bale the prayer of Elizabeth Taylor late Wife of Thomas Taylor Seaman who was killed onboard the Mary late Cap’n Sandys by the Negros on the Coast of Guinea [illegible words] and it appearing to us that her child being much out of Health, think proper to order Robert Foxcroft Treasurer to cause to be paid her towards the Support of herself and said child the sum of Five Shillings a Week till further order over and above the sum of five shillings already paid her.

The Certificate of the Church Warden’s Award? Of [illegible] with regard to the [illegible] circumstances of Eleanor, Widow of the late Samuel [illegible] who was killed onboard the Mary at Gambia by the Negro’s was at the same time taken under Consideration and agreed that Robert Foxcroft Treasurer do cause the sum of Thirty shillings to be paid her Quarterly, the first payment whence to be made her immediately and to continue to be paid her till further orders.

It is likewise order’d that the sum of Twenty five guineas be paid to Hannah Kendall Widow to the late Cap’n Kendall who was kill’d on board the Abby of the port in an Engagement with the French…

Transatlantic Slave trade Exhibit, Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool, England