Ship Revolt Entry 1728

Entry dated [Thursday], Aug’t 2 [1728]
Ship: Carolina
Captain:  Anselm Holliday

Notice of advices from Simon wild at sherbro, who acquainted me, that the English Sloop cut off by her purchas’d Slaves at Cape mount, was at last brought in by some of the natives to Sherbar, & then in possession of the King, with whom Simon treated, and had agree to pay him 150 bars for said sloop, upon receiving an answer from me, yet the further particulars of this and other things, with my remarks on them, are not immediately on my memory…

PRO, T 70, 1465, p. 39

Entry dated Sunday, Aug’t 4 [1728]

As to this Sloop I partly know her at first sight, and was confirm’d in my knowledge of her, upon seeing a Quadrant in the Cabin, w’th the name Holliday upon it, for a Youth of that name commanded the Sloop, and came into the River, last April. . .[p.40]

I learn’d that the Blacks about Galinas, and between that & Sherbar, had brought the Sloop from Cape mount, where the misfortune befell her, and in her 4 negroes & three of the Seamen to an anchor without Shebar, [Sherbo] and there left her, after taking sundry things on shore…. (p. 40)