The Brig Royal Charlotte 1763

Ship: The Brig Royal Charlotte
Capt: George Frost
Date: 1763      
Sources: The Newport Mercury 6 June 1763; Providence Gazette and County Journal; New York Gazette 13 June 1763; Pennsylvania Gazette 16 June 1763

The Newport Mercury 6 June 1763


The Brig Royal Charlotte Captain Taylor, arrived here last Thurfddy from Annamaboe, on the Coaft of Africa, after a Paffage of 110 Days; by whom we hve affecting intelligence of the tragical Death of Capt. George Froft, and Mr. William Grant, his Mate, both of this Town, which was perpetrated by the Slaves on board his Sloop, as f[s]he lay at Anchor in the River Gaboone, in the Month of November laft Capt Front having Octcafion either for fome Wood or Water, fent two Men and a Negro on Shore for that Purpofe [Purpose], himfelf [himself], the Mate, and a Negro who belonged to the Veffel [Vessel], remaining on board; and in the Men’s Abfence [Absence] he unfortunately permitted the Slaves, to the Number of about 60, to come upon Deck, who immediately f[s]eized him, with the Negro Man, and threw them both overboard.  Mr. Grant, at this Time lay f[s]ick in the Cabin unable to rife [rise]. Capt. Froft f[s]wam up to the Veffel [Vessel], in order to get on board again; upon which the Slaves threw a Lance at him, which penetrated his Body, where it remain’d, and with which he attempted to gain the Shore, but after f[s]wimming about half the Way, he funk, and was f[s]een no more.  The Negro, who was thrown over with him, had the good Fortune to get fafe [safe] afhore—The slaves having now the Command of the Veffel, they brought the Small Arms, with feveral Barrels of Powder, upon Deck; and on fome Black coming off in Canoes to retake the Veffelk, the Slaves on board began firing with their Small Arms, but through Ignorance f[s]oon set the Powder on Fire, and in the Explofion [Explosion] about 30 of them were deftroyed [destroyed].  The Sloop was retaken three Days afterwards when the moft affecting Part of this Affair was difclofed [disclosed] for on entering the Cabin, the Corps of Mr. Grant was immediately difcoiver’d, with his Throat cut in a very f[s]hocking Manner, which was fuppofed [supported] to have been done as f[s]oon as Capt. Froft and the Negro were thrown over.

A short time before Captain Taylor failed, he heard that the Slaves on board a Sloop belonging to Liverpool, rofe upon the People, wounded the Mate, and got Poffefion [Possession] of the Vellel, which afterwards ran alhore, and beat to Pieces.