Anne & Priscilla 1716

Ship the Anne & Priscilla
Date:   December 21, 1716
Captain:  Sayers
Type: Letter


Letter dated James Fort, Gambia River, December 21st, 1716


The Anne & Priscilla Capt’n Sayers, being ready to Sail, ye Capt’n desired Mr. Francis to Lend him 4 or 5 Men to get up his anchors, w’ch he did, but he carry’d off ye Men.  Soon after, there was a rising among ye slaves, by w’ch ye master was kill’d and it’s not known what became of ye ship.


PRO, T 70, 6, p.43 in “Abstract of Letters Received by the royal African Company of England from the Coast of Africa, No. 2, From October the 20th, 1714 to December the 5th, 1719.”


Letter from David Francis, dated Gambia River, James fort, December 21, 1716


The Ann & Pricilla of London, Cap’n John Collingwood super Cargoe & Capt’n Richard Sayers Comander Came down from Joar in the Month of September Last past with near a hundred slaves & being almost ready to Sail desir’d Me to Lend him four or five men to get up his Anchors, that he might come nearer my Ship for fear of his Slaves rising, & out of Naturall Compassion I Lent him five Men & at the turn of the Tide, pretending to Come nearer Us, he Clapt his Vessel about about & went away, I had neither boat nor canoe on board, but forc’d to Stand Still & admire the Unhuman retaliation he made Me for my civil Usage, but before three Days End I had the news brought Me of his being Cut off & particularly of the Death of the Comand’r.  a larger information thereof, I rece’d from Geo. Oxingden a Seaman on board the Said Vessel who was Struck overboard by One of the Slaves, when they were full three Leagues off the shore; the relation he gives was that were hoisting in the boat and having some of the Slaves to help them, the Wood lying up and Down the Deck the Slaves took ye Advantage of the Wood and Knock’d the White men down; the Said Person further Saith, he see the Comander cut Over the head and Throat with an Axe which if true God Certainly required him for his uncivill treatment he likewise positively affirms, that the Comander two of the men Viz.  Thomas Patterson & Wm. Staines by Actuall force, they not being willing to leave so much Wages behind them as they had due in yo’r Hon’s Service I have had no further knowledge of the ship as Yet, Whether she be blown out to Sea, or any Other Accident has happen’d I cannot hear.


PRO, T 70, 26, p. 54 in “Extracts of letters Received by the Royal African Company of England so far as relate to the Committee of Shipping from October the 22nd , 17-5 tp February the 3rd. 1719.