Second Creek Plot

Slave testimony before the examination committee

September 1861

Lemuel  Conner

Slave Testimony Second Creek Slave Conspiracy

Court Records

Mississippi State Archive; Source:  Lemuel P. Conner and Family Papers, LSU; also cited in Winthrop D. Jordan, Tumult and Silence at Second Creek: An Inquiry into A Civil War Slave Conspiracy.  Louisiana State University Press: Baton Rough and London, 1993.





[An envelope read, probably in Conner’s daughter’s hand:] there were ten Slaves hung in Brighton Woods and Cherry Grove

Documents about Uprising of Slaves about 1860-61 Your Grandfather L. P. Conner’s (Senior) own handwriting the testimony of negro slaves.  [The envelope bears the postmark:]  BAYHOU, LA NOV. 25 3 P.M. 1899 REC’D [a covering note in the same descendant’s hand reads:]

Please take very special care of these four sheets of paper! They are exceeding important as they are the literal, original. Testimony taken down by Lemuel Parker Conner at the time of the trial of some Adams County Negro slaves this put down just as these Negro men expressed it.  This L. P. C. Senior was the father L. P. C. Jr (your Dad.—I wish this Kept (--together with open papers and all.

[Then, in the same hand on a new page but perhaps written earlier:] Page I Exact copy of Papers in connection with [two words illegible, “the actual”? uprising of Negroe Slaves near Natchez Miss just before Civil War. This is the testimony as taken down (at the Trial of these Slaves) by Lemuel Parker Conner Sr. [one, or two, words illegible] Mr. Conners own handwriting.  Envelope in which paper was enclosed is marked as follows,


L. P. Conner Esq.

Nov. 11, 1861

One envelope—marked

1st day’s original notes—

2nd day’s original notes


One envelope marked

“Several days’ original notes’

(over) turn to P.3

[As things turn out, p. 3 is the second of two pages in the same hand that begins copying Conner’s original transcript and then stops.  The first of these pages introduces Nelson’s testimony with the heading:] Page 2 (Name of Slave). “O.” is for man “Orange.”

[Conner’s record, Adams County, Mississippi, 1861


Plan began on the creek fishing in May.  Our boys and Mitchell’s.  First heard when young missus wanted black to fight for her.  Edward would join to fight abolitionists, John too! First talk with W. M. O. and Harvey had been plotting at Mrs Dunbars.  Simon and Paul—O. and Harvey meet Mrs. Henderson’s Sundays. O. 1sst speaker—Plan [when Abolitionists come.  O. would join them.  O. says he would kill master 1st—kill Mrs to get the money. O. worst man.  We all joined him in talking. Strange negroes off the place.  Harvey told me and O. that Steve, Wish, Obey and Henry would join—also [Ike Giddings and son and Charles) and (Edmond Wyatt John Henderson) Dick, [Dick Henderson], George, Peter and Paul.  Simon Mrs. Dunbars) (Mr Griers Fred, Bob and Prince) Isaac—(Prince is at Mr Nichols) (Mitchells John Driver, [one world illegible] Little John and Edward)—All of these agree to fight the white folks.  I was Governor.  O. Captain.  Harvey Lieut.  Alfred Genl Scott—Wesley Printer.  O. said “we will be done whipping before long [.]”  Alfred said “there will be a resting place in hell [.]” O. was going to Mrs. King’s.  She is a tall slim woman.  Tells fortunes.  O. said he would get Harvey.  The plan they would, with axes and hoes, kill Master and Mrs. Carry the ladies down the hill, and ravish them.  I take Miss Mary, Harvey Miss Anna.  Alfred 1st man to talk of ravishing.  Harvey 2nd, 1 3rd.  Harry said (they told me) they would kill Mrs Scott and Dr. Scott—I take Miss Ann I take Miss Mary.  Harvey Miss Sarah, Alfred Miss Anna.  Wesley don’t know.



Orange and Harry Scott came over to a dance.  Orange brot runaway, named Dave, belong to Bradley.  Runaway talked French—will fetch company tomorrow night.  Was on Friday night—about 3 month ago—Harry kept the runaway in his house.  The runaways had double barreled guns.  Runaway stay in Harry’s hen house.  Bradley is slim lame man, in left leg.  Orange came another night.  Orange said he had Mitchell’s Caroline Sweetheart.  Alfred said his father would begin the war soon, said “we would kill old Mosas and take the ladies for wives.”  Said he was Scott.  “Said they would kill Steve old Odell—gunsmith.”  Harvey came then.  Paul came and told my brother Peter and women about the Mosby scrape.  Orange was to gather from Mitchell’s Surgets—Greers—Hendersons.  Alfred said “the blacks were3 to kill all the white men and take the young ladies and women for wives.”  Alfred give his name Scott—his father General. Orange talked to Paul, Dick, Simon, Nathan, Albert, and Harry.   Every time Harry Scott comes he says, “Hell kicking up.” Harry Scott said we were all bound to be free.  Last Saturday Scott focht a dispatch.  My brother read it.  I read of it a few words.  Scott said there was “Hell in that paper [.]” Harry Scott runaway came one night with Orange to my house. [Two or more names scratched out] Alfred wanted me to join him—I told him it was impossible.  I talked to no one the place.


I heard Orange.  [Harry Scott told me] was to start at Mosby’s; kill him and take the ladies.  Harry Scott.  Said, he and Orange was to get the company up.  Harry Scott would ravish Mrs Scott, then to Mrs Metcalfe, then to our house and kill Mistress, and take the young ladies, and make wives of them.  George, Paul and Dick, Simon at our house.  Peter, Albert, kill Mr Young and take his wife. The carriage drivers thought the negroes would be free.  Our men talked about it frequently.  I too.  “If the white [black] folks were turned loose with hoes and axes they would whip the country” Edmond, Helm’s driver, said. [Tree letters scratched out.] No time fixed for the plan.


Mosby’s boys talking of the plan.  I was against it.  Alfred, second to his father, to begin here killing, then on the ladies—rammage them—then kill them.  Alfred and Wesley talked to me about it.  [Three letters illegible] Harvey, George, Paul, Harry Scott.

Harry Scott

Orange head. Capt Alfred Gen Scott, Wesley Lieut. Dick asked for a dispatch—gave me a dime.  Dick George and Peter all read it.  “They would begin at Mr. Mosby’s. Kill him and ride the ladies.  Alfred? Said he would have one for a wife.  Alfred said, “you kill your master, Make your Mrs for a wife.”  Go on to Mrs O. Metcalfe and Mrs Dunbars and ride the ladies.  Then on to Natchez.  Plan at Mrs Dunbars.  They would have Captains and guns.  Orange captain.  Mrs Griffith’s driver said at Mr Mosby’s, “freedom was at our door.”  Paul, Dick, Simon was going to fight—Harry Scott too. “I will go in too.”  I kill master and ride Mrs.” At Mrs Dunbar’s kill Mrs and ride the ladies. Peter, Paul, Simon, George.  “Simon be damned if he don’t have one too.”  Simon head man.  Peter next.  Paul then. (Mr Marshall thinks Dick and Peter are deep in it.)

Cont. Peter. John, Driver

Black [drivers talked] folks talking of freedom.  These boys and Mrs Dunbar’s agreed to raise up and collect all they can.  Going to raise a company to Simon was to tell me when and where they would commence.  I saw Nelson on the creek.  Dennis told me George, Dick, Paul, Simon, told him, he George was collecting a company to fight—some of Mosby’s too—fight the white people.


First talk of freedom.  Alfred be a soldier.  Kill all the damn white people.  Next one was Simon.  “Simon said he hoped to see the day when he would blow down a white man who called him a damn rascal.”  George Bush, along with Levi, talked fierce, and told Big John all what they told me.  George said they would gather up a company George said the Northerners make the South shit behind their asses.  Simon said they would have white women as free as black [wo] men.—the white women would take black husbands [run to the] black man to uphold them.  I have talked with Mrs Dunbars Harry old.  Alfred and Wesley talked with me.


Dennis told me Monday night.  Orange ran away.  I met when away two runaways.  Yaller boy with gun and pistol.  Belonged to Bingaman.  The other boy, black had a gun—his name Davy Williams.  I heard John, [Paul] Dennis, Harry talk about it.  Philip and Harry said the fighting would begin in New Orleans about Sep 10th [one word illegible, and here Conner’s handwriting becomes less controlled, except for the name Isaac Giddings]. Knows nothing about the neighborhood difficulties [.] Isaac Giddings

Mitchell’s boy Harry Lyle says 00—

Henderson’s boy Adam says Orange told him what amts to nothing—

John (Little) belongs to J N Mitchell says orange told him on the Creek, that –OO—

Dr. Grier’s boy Fred says he talked with orange, told him Gen’l Scott would be in N O about 10 Sept. Eat his breakfast there but did not know when he would dine.  Ships are not satisfactory.

Capt Surgets boy Obey—says nothing—

Capt Surgets boy Billy says nothing.

[The handwriting becomes more controlled again.]


Says I am Boss George 2nd. Simon next Paul and Peter. Going to take the ladies.  I take Miss. Julia. George Miss Margaret [Jenkins].  Peter Miss Mary. Simon Miss Margaret.  George is to begin killing. Kill Mrs Dunbar—no time appointed.  George and Simon have guns.  Harry Scott in quarter.  Talked with Alfred and Harvey.  Harry Scott was to fight.  Miss Mamy Jenkins for Paul. I Captain.  Peter hindmost.  Paul 4th, George 2nd, Simon 3rd.  Made plan of ladies two weeks ago.

Harvey—son of Orange

[Several illegible words]

Harvey says would kill Master and Mrs; ravish and kill young ladies; join northern army; kill whites—and blacks who would not join.  Nelson and Daddy said so.  Plan started cutting out cotton.  Orange first spoke—would join when the enemy took New Orleans.  Nelson and Wesley would kill the young ladies because they drown and beat Wesley’s sister.  White man and Wesley and Daddy at fence.  Daddy in comes Wesley on fence. E White man say at 10th of this month Genl Scott wants every second planter to join him and kill white man.  White man asked daddy who was nearest neighbor—Henderson and Walton smith.  White asked Wesley how master treated him.  W. M. says from sugar farm.  Rawboned white man, not tall like Irishman.  Twas betwixt dark and daylight.  W. M. says he was next to Metclfe’s field.  The second day it rained.  Week before last—Saturday night—[three letters illegible] 10th Sep—was Tuesday week.  W. M. no beard.  First speakers Orange and Nelson.  I talked to Paul, Mrs Dunbar’s boy.  Paul consented—Mrs. D kills up Paul’s wife sewing. [Dick too would see about it—and George his brother] and also Peter, Dick’s son.]  Harvey said Simon.  Alfred says Simon says, with hoes and axes the negroes would do harm.  Nelson Governor.  Capt Orange.  Wesley Lieut. Printer.  Lieut Harvey.  Harry Scott would join.  Orange spokesman.  Scott would agree when they come to this Country up here—saw Mr. Mitchell’s Dennis, Doctor, and John, [Edward, Mrs Nichol’s carriage driver] Harry, D. D. J and H. agreed to join. Saw [Henderson] Ike Giddings son Adam.  Orange and I meet them at water gap.  Ike Giddings agreed to join.  Adam would see about it.  Orange told Wesley and Nelson what Ike Giddings would do.  Saw Mrs Dunbar’s people (about 2 months ago).  Saw Scott’s Harry at water melon carrying.  Saw Mitchell’s people before.  Saw Ike Giddings about 2 Sundays—Northern people would whip us at New Orleans about last month.  First rise here, then Dr Scotts, then Mr Metcalfes, Mrs Dunbar’s.   Alfred whipping Metcalfe’s womamn.  Orange says whipping colored people would stop.  Benny asked why.  Alfred said the resting place would be in hell.  Louuis driver says Southerners whipping North.  I told Louis what the white man said—that Genl Scott would eat his breakfact in new Orleans. This talk of Nelson; Benny present. Blockhead boats.  White man spoke “Second planters” to help (Orange says) Scott and Giddings.  Never talked with Mose, nor Frederick.  Alfred says Frederick said the Negroes would rise.  Gen Buttons.  Talked with Frederick at Polly’s house.  Wesley present.  I said to Homochitto Teamsters.  (Henry Mr Cooper’s) (Charles. Wiley Wood.) (Sanderson’s, Billly) Elisha.  Brandon.  Talked with Henry Charles and Billy.  They agreed to join when the enemy reached Natchez.  Says Orange would stay with Mrs King, fortune teller, “to Pine Ridge, to the swamp. Head last Wednesday of the trouble at Kingston from Paul—I talked with Billy, Mrs Sanderson’s boy, at breaking up time Ike Giddings and Adam.  Harry Scott. (Paul. George. Peter. Simon. Dick. Dennis. Doctor. John. Edward. Harry—(Alfred Louis--) sent for.  Began talking when the war began.  Was not in the field—about the house.  Orange told Mr Lincoln was coming down here—he, O. understood it from Cooper’s man. O. would join and got all of us [men] on the place to join.  O. told me, he had talked with Harry Scott and Frederick.  I talked, only, with Fred and Harry Scott.  Fred says gen Butler would get to New Orleans, Fred would join.  Fred says O. had him to join.  I started it with Harry Scott.  Says I, “Harry, let us collect a company and whip old Lincoln out.”  Harry never told me he would join.  O. told me, Harry Sc would join.  O. told me, he had got Ike to join—and had O talked with Brandon’s teamster.  Louis whipping woman. O. said the whipping business would stop.  Mas Benny asked why.  I said there would be a resting place in hell.  O. said after Mas Benny left, he would show Cotton planters.  Nelson said nothing would come of it.  O. said he was going to Mrs Kings, fortune teller by cards. Plan:  “we would begin here—10th Sep. O. says Fred said Scott would be here 10th Sep after the Northerners got here—go in the house.  (O. 1st Nelson 2nd, I Wesley and Harvey) to Dr Scott’s.  Dr O. Metcalfe.  Mrs Dunbar. To join at Mrs Dunbars—Paul—(Simon and negroes with hoes and axes would do much damage—Fred present). Kill master and mistress.  Ravish the girls.  Nelson would ravish Miss Mary—Miss Anna.  Simon and Paul told my father, they would go to New Orleans—to the North—to Natchez.  O was at Mrs. Kings last time he ran off.  O. Governor; Nelson, President; I, Gen Scott, Wesley printer; Harvey Lieut; O. Captain.  (Harry would ravish Mrs. Scott—so O. says.) White man: mother told me Wesley said he came to W. M. wo had on dark clothes.  Wesley says, “You are telltale.”  O. says there was another W. M.—only talked with one W. M. O. thinks the W. M. was printed, was a white man, tho passing himself as a negro. The W. M. says he had relations up the river.  The W. Man had a short foot.  O. head man.  Nelson never talked with us.  We all agreed to join at the first talk.  I heard, “Henry Brown and Howard killed the Dutchman.” O. said so. I knew it a week afterwards.  We all on the place knew of the murder.  I heard the negroes had go up an army at Kingston.  Nelson told me of it.  Nelson says Frederick told him.  Nelson did not tell me, who told him of the Kings affair.  O. said he was going to have the country.  Nelson would take Miss Anna Mary, ravish her.  I Miss Anna, Harvey Miss Fanny, Wesley Miss Sarah, Nelson Miss Mary, because she poured water upon his daughter.  I have no spite against the ladies.  Use hoes and axes for arms.


Wesley Printer—to go behind—heard it in May. O. 1st speaker, Nelson 2nd.  “If this case should be, would you like it” “Of course I said [.]”  To begin when they, the enemy got to New Orleans, to Natchez. I saw W. M. first, behind the quarters.  “Master good.” “Whips our children” neighbors tight.”  W. M. says he worked on Sugar farm.  Like a Dutchman or Irishman—road travelers. O. present when I was with W. M. I saw another white man behind the fig tree.  The W. m. clean face, chunky.  They had wool hats, Lindsey clothes, nice shoes; from tracks, one barefooted.  W. m. says he had friends above Natchez; his home there.  Bell rang and I left hum and O. talking. I said W. M. was a nigger; O. said W. M. was a nigger painted red. Harry said “Twas a fine thing for the enemy to be in New Orleans.” I said “Lincoln would set us free.”  Alfred and Munroe Morris proposed a company to be raised.  Orange has a pistol—would shoot master.  O. got two pistols from Bill chamberlain.  Bill has a 5 shooter pistol.  I heard (Harvey said) Obey would join us Harvey [oward] told Margaret, “he murdered the Dutchman. [“] Harvey and Alfred were all hot for the plan.  I talked with W. M. just about dark. Harvey said “Stephen, Obey, Washington and Randsdall, belonging to Mr. Surget.” Are in it.


Kill Mr Marshall. I Miss Alie, Paul Miss Mary W., Simon Miss Margaret, Albert Miss Julia, Peter Miss Mame Jenkins.  Kill Mrs Dunbar’s at night.  No time fixed.  When Northerners whip South. I, George, Paul, Simon, Albert and Dick.  Alfred told us.  Paul boss, Simon 2nd, George 3rd, Peter 4thDick took Miss Julia.  Started the plan about two months ago.  Simon 1st talker.  Simon 1st man to talk of ravishing.  Simon, Paul and I present. [One word illegible] knew of this plot before we made ours.  Taint so.  New plot two months.  Mosby’s three weeks or 4.  Talked with Harry Scott.  He told me he was going to have Dr. Scott, go to the back country.  Then plan to kill the white folks when the Northern army got to Natchez. Simon and Harry Scott got dispatches.

First [O.] told me Gen Scott would attack New Orleans Tuesday. [O. said] Call here, kill Mr. and Mrs. Mosby, have young ladies to self, kill Dr Scott, then go to Dr Orricks, then go to Dr Dunbar, then to Mr Young’s, then to Mr Metcalfe.  Orange.  I like the looks of Julia Dunbar, Miss Julia is the best looking. If things should happen, I would like to have her as a wife.  George, Peter, Paul, Dick agreed to join; Orange, Nelson, Wesley, Harvey and Alfred; 5 at Mosby’s; 4 at Mrs Dunbars—I—and Harry Scott.  Kill Moseby [excessing takes possession of the girls here—I take Miss Julia.  (Would be plenty sweethearts, George said.) George head.  Harry Scott to join us.  First spoke Orange and Nelson. Begin when after the fuss at New Orleans.  At first talk I agreed with Orange.


Talked to Dennis and Doctor.  I talked to Obey next to Mr Metcalfe’s. Says I, [“] Obey, our folks [will] join the Northerners.” I will join them too to help kill the white folks.

Nelson John O. Fenall.  John O. Fenall

Harvey Obey, Obey, Obey, John O. Fenall, obey, obey, Obey, Obey, Obey, Obey, Obey, Obey.


Harry Scott

“I will kill old master and ride the ladies.” Harvey Orange says Mrs. Griffith’s black man said most time for work. Alfred [remainder of one-line sentence struck out and illegible].  Dick read dispatch.  George too.  Dick was religious man.  Dick and George and Peter can read.  Simon has a gun—George too.







[Manuscript ends]