Testimony in the Mina Conspiracy


Reportedly leader of the Mina conspiracy  “Chamba” male raised by Mina slaves,  Reportedly to be one of three leaders of the Mina conspiracy, released on bond in 1794.    Reportedly.  Master petitioned for his release on grounds that he was incurably ill, and he needed him.  Released in 1793.  Four Mina slaves named Cofi.  Unsure of  owner.  Released in 1793.  Shot by patrol, found knocking on door of another Mina slave.. Drowned himself before  he could be reinterrogated.  Joseph Mina was a Creole orphan raised on estate with Mina men.  Convicted in the 1795 Point Coupee Conspiracy.  As I remember, freed for informing, sent to New Orleans for safety.  Knew nothing..  Testifies Sarrasin say slaves of Natchez involved. Denies he went to Natchez on Easter Day.  Testifies he went to get his son to keep him out of the plot.  Only slave to identify Jean Sorgo voyageur who spoke about letters from le Cap.  Testified he said to wait awhile.  West to city with master.  Heard after war, all slaves would be free.  Confrontation with Bambara who said, “They begin, we follows.