Dear Sir,

After forecasting to you my test +confirmation I can inform you that I have understood from various sources that a man by the name of (Barkley) committed some offences in your store, and in consequences of which he fled from Justice. I have heard different reports what those officers saw, some say that he wads the cause of Negros running away other say that he was above heading a party of Negros to burn the town of Richmond.  What those officers were I know not, one thing is certain their reports have followed him to this western country where he now resides.  He first took up his residence on the west of the Wabash River from there he has (?) into the (?) between the Wabash and White River where he now resides.  If the man was not guilty of some offense I think not a little strange how so many reports should follow him.  I have seen the said Barkley.  He is about 6 feet high, of fair complexion and I think between 50 and 60 years of age.  Now so if what I have stated are facts, I want you to get all the information you can concerning the said Barkley and write to me immediately.  I have also understood that there was a reward offered for him and if so I want you to inform me how much and in what way and by who it was offered and if so will justify a trip of that length.  I only think he can be taken to Virginia, he does not deny but he is a Virginian, and I am told he keeps himself very much secluded when company are about him.  I remained (?).


-William Cave


(Pg. 2)


B. H. what I have stated are facts I haved like to be informed what the said Barkley in name is as I have not learned that as yet.  If he is to be taken I want you to give me all the necessary information and in what manner to (forever) in a legal way.  I have understood that he keeps a clan about him as though he waved his defense, yet I think that I can (forever) a few (?) in there foods that can ply their rifles as (were) as him or his clan.  I am yours with respect.


-William Cave