Petition from inhabitants of sea Islands 1744

To the Honorable the President and other members of the Senate of the State of South Carolina.

The petition of sundry the inhabitants of Saint Luke’s and Saint Peter’s.

Respectful Sheweth

That the destruction of the lives of your petitioners, and of all the white people of the low country as lately been wickedly and traitorously determind on by a number of the blacks; who had appointed the time and place, and actually assembled for the direful purpose of commencing the work of general massacre and devastation.

That through the patriotic and highly meritorious conduct of a Negro man of the name of Abram, the property of Mr. William Wkirk, the plot was fortunately discovered, the incendiaries dispersed, and the intended mischief entirely prevented.

That the detection of the plan was so judiciously conducted by Abram, that those immediately concerned were easily and speedily apprehended, and have undergone the punishment due to the enormity of their crimes.

That being deeply interested impressed with the sense of gratitude, for such signal virtue and such essential services ass have been evinced and rendered in the present instance by Abram.


James Coatten, Mr. Hazzard, Timey H. Cuttiber, James Otis Prenty, Bob Cannon, James Tilland, Jacob Adams, Simon Mudley, George Maxwell, William Burke, James L. Grayson, Thomas Lawrence, B. Campbell, John Parmewker, Samuel Many, Arahm, Wilkson, Joshua Heyward, Thomas Leabrook, Varney Taney, C.E. Leacraft, S. R. Proctor E. Rumney, Gideon DuPont, Little B. Hudson, Lamb Solomoni, Edward C. Fitzgerald,  William H. Robert, William Pope, McKinley, Thomas Griffith, Thomas North, Donny Gillison, Heston Jenkins, John Gilbert, Mr. Devecaua, Jack Morgandollar, Ulecus Travis, Christ Henry Deveaux, Tredo (aka) J Hay, Barnwell Deucaus, William Black, Thomas Rhodes, Thomas Gillson, G. S. James, J. Colesck, Joseph Lawson, Hezmiah Roberts, J. Campbell, William Williamson, Rich Pastor, James E. . Himley, William Joyner, Honn Desnron, Ed Barnwell, Thomas Grayson, John Taylor, Ache Culley, Alex Davidson, William, Villard, John William Wikins, Stephen Lawrence, Garnet Dotson, John Crawford, Samuel Kerth, Joseph Clay, John Heyward, John Carmichael, Chris Stuart, James Gardner, C.B.S. Griffin, J.B. Mismo.

Respectfully, beg leave to recommend to the serious attention and consideration of your honorable body, the highly meritorious conduct of Abram and to afford a suitable reward for his fidelity and services.



That Wkirk the owner of Abram has been a great sufferer by having three of the only five fellows which belonged to him, executed,--And the propriety of making Kirk an ample and handsome compensation, in case your honorable body should thinks proper to emancipate the said Abram.





John Hathway, Costello, Chalelan, Ian Hutsonbrigg, George Edwards, J Fairchild, Rich Boyle, John Beck, Robert, William Hudson, J. Graham, Richard Pastmeads, John W. Robert, George Allen, A. Flpegorie, Thomas J. Wigg, William G. Fripp, William Barne, B.H. Mark, Thomas Season, Philp H. Behn, Charles Black, Charles L. Palmen, William M. Kenrie, James Hirk, JNO Mossen, MR, Browne

Reproduction from documents South Carolina Department of Archives and Historiy Columbia, S.C. Petition from the inhabitants of Saint Luke’s and Saint Peter’s Parishes.  Col. Barnwell, W. Porches, Maj foodwan, M.B. Marion and W. Smith. General Assembly Petition 1744.