Felix Bristol, Feb. 1753

Felix Farley’s Bristol Journal 3 FEB – 10 FEB, 1753

BRISTOL, Feb. 10 1753

By Advise received yesterday from Capt. Wright of the Endeavour, from the Coast of Guinea, we have the following melancholy Account of the Loss of theMarlborough, Capt. CODD, of this Port, by an Insurrection of the Negroes, the beginning of October last, and the third Day after he sailed from the Bar of Bonny—It seems Capt. Codd had indulged 28 Gold Coast Negroes with their Liberty on Deck, for the Sake of their Assistance to navigate the Ship, who behav’d for a considerable Time in a very tractable, civil Manner, and quite unsuspected of any Revolt or Design of Mischief.  But whilst the principal Part of the Crew was below, cleaning the Rooms, and none but the Captain and two white Men left above to take Care of the Ship, (arm’d with Cutlass) all on a sudden the Negroes on Deck snatch’d the Arms from them, wounded the Captain  and forc’d him up the Fore-shrouds’  where they shot him to Death.  The rest of the Negores securing the Quarter-deck and Small Arms, were soon Masters of the Ship, and spent the rest of the Day in most cruelly butchering the Crew (who were in No.35) except the Boatswain and Cabbin Boy, whose Lives they preserv’d, to conduct the Ship back again, which they did after eight Days., and came to an Anchor within the Bar of Bonny—About the same Time, the Hawk, Capt. Jones, of this Port, arriv’d at the same Place, and hearing of the Affair, bore down on her, with an Intent to re-take her; but the Negroes were so expert at the Great Guns and Small Arms, that they soon repell’d ‘em.  After putting what Bite Negroes ashore that chose to go (in No. the Remainder (consisting of 150) weigh’d Anchor, set their Sails, and stood to Sea, with Intent, as is suppos’d, to go to their own Country, tho’ the Undertaking was extremely hazardous, inasmuch as they had no one to navigate the Ship, the Boatswain having jump’d over-board the Night before they sailed, and got to the  Hawk; ‘tis suppos’d that on his Escape the poor Cabbin-Boy fell a Sacrifice to their revengeful Hands—Captain Codd has left a Widow and four Children, and is much lamented, as he was a worthy, facetious, good-natur’d Commander.