Petition of Dublin

Title: Petition of Dublin
Author: G. Morris
Event: Denmark Vesey
Type: Petition
Source: South Carolina Archive         

State of South Carolina
District of Charleston

To the Honorable the President and the Other Members of the Senate of the State aforesaid.

The respectful petition of C. G. Morris sheweth.

That your petition is the proprietor of a negro slave named Dublin.  That the said name was apprehended in July last for being concerned in the recent attempt at Insurrection in the City of Charleston.

That the said Save was tried by the Court of Magistrates and Freeholders organized for that purpose, and on the  of the same month he was sentenced to death. That his Excellency the Governor has respite the said Slave Commuted his punishment to (transportation) by and the limits of the United States. That the said Slave is now in confinement awaiting the aperture from (…) in which he will be sent away.

That the said Slave was worth at the time of his apprehension the sum of Seven hundred Dollars, as will appear by reference to the assumed Certificate and your Petition will be compelled to mean a (…) where in his transportation.  Your petition therefore pray that the Circumstances of the Case may be taken into the consideration of your Honorable body and that a reasonable compensation may be awarded for the loss which has sustained. And you petitioner will even pray.

G. Morris
Charleston November 27 1822