Petition South Carolina 1861

South Carolina

Greenville District

The Honorable the Senate and house of  Representatives of the State of South Carolina.  The Humble petition of the subscriber Sheweth that in the year 1860 he was called on to arrest a slave named "Ben" the property of Jessee K. Stone, charged with an attempt to incite an insurrection of the Slaves--He arrested Said Slave and carried him three several time to Greenville jail traveling such time the distance of  36 miles walking the whole distance traveled by him one hundred and eight miles--that he paid one dollar and a quarter each trip for  tavern bills and estimates his time and trouble besides as worth at least ten dollars.

He further states that in the present year he has been require as a constable of Greenville District to carry to the jail of Said District, a Slave named Berry, three several times on a charge of larceny, and House breaking thirty six miles each trip making one hundred and eight miles.  He first carried him to jail and carried him  back to the place of trial  He when after him and carried him back twice walking the distance as above stated;  his tavern bills were for three nights slaying in Greenville at $1.25 per night and his trouble and time he thinks reasonable worth  ten dollars.  He trusts the amounts above as claimed will be allowed him as they are reasonable I trust.

Newton Bramlitt


I Fielder Gassett jailor of Greenville District do hereby certify that I am acquainted with the facts set forth in the foregoing petition on Newton Berummblelt and know that they are true.

 F. Gassett
November 11, 1861


I John T. McDaniel Sheriff of Greenville District do hereby certify that Said  Slaves were brought and lodged in the jail in Greenville District by Newton Bramblelt and he believes his petition is true and correct.

J. L. McDaniel
November 11, 1861


I Jesse K. Stone, citizen of Greenville District and owner of the slave Ben within named, and also prosecutor of the slave Berry for larceny and House Breaking, do hereby certify that the statement made by Newton Bramblet within is correct.                                            

Jesse K. Stone
Nov 13th 1861 


Source:  Records of the General Assembly,  Petition of the Subscriber Jessee K. Stone, to the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina, 1861, #20, SCDAH.