Rumor of slave uprising - Rice M. Wood

Title:  Letter from Rice W. Mood

Author:  Rice W. Mood

Date: September 20, 1831

Subject:  Rumor of slave uprising

Type:  Letter

South:  South Carolina Department of Archives and History


Charlottesville   Sept 20th 1831


I need a day or two past, a letter from the deputy Adjtural General, in reply to one adroped to of the commonwealth by me, upon the realized of some musket. It was stated in my letter that a volunteer company had been formed in this town, for the purpose of order and security.  This company has been formed, and an election of officers has taken peace.  But owing to some difficulties of a legal character, the election has not taken place under the supervision of a colonel, and therefore the certification cannot be procured.  But the responsibility of officers in much that there need be no hesitation in rending them, as all proper precaution will be taken to have them preserved I received a day or two past, a letter from the deputy Adjuster, General, in reply to one addroped to of the commonwealth by me, upon the relayed of some musket. It was stated, and returned, when required.  As this company has not been organized if these arms are sent, they will be placed in the hands of such persons who will probably use them with most effect   We are induced to renew this application in consequent of the state of anxiety heretofore existing and is now a good deal increased in consequence of rumors which have reacted in a few days [word cross out] different quarters, but especially from North Carolina.  In addition to these rumors are circulated in own neighbourhood, calculated to increase the apprehension.  Appended to this is a petition signed by many very highly respectable citizens of the county.  W. Bunley will have hand you this, and cooperate with you in forming a scheme for sending the arms to Charlottesville     I am very respectfully


Rice W.  Mood


To the Governor and Council of the State of Virginia .