Black Prince 1763

Captain:           William Miller
Owners:           James Laroche & Co,
Ship:                Black Prince
Location:         Windward and Cape Coast
Destination:     Antigua
Date                8 May 1763

Letters of margue were declared on 18 April 1762 when the other owners of the vessel were named as James Laroche jr., John Gresley, William Delpratt, and John Thompson.  According to its muster roll it left Bristol with 43 crew and returned with 23.  Forty-one of the original crew reached Antigua where 18 were discharged on 18 May 1763.  Its journal suggests that the vessel reached Cape Mount in Africa on 25 June 1762, suggests that the vessel reached Cape Mount in Africa on 25 June 1742, where it traded for rice and water until 16 September.  It then sailed to the Gold Coast where it traded for slaves at Anamaboe and Cape Coast between 18 October 1762 and 1 March 1763.  Two uprisings among its slaves were reportedly thwarted, the first on 22 February, while the vessel was still at the coast, the second on 4 March at sea.  One report suggested that the vessel arrived at Cape Coast on 29 November 1762 with 80 slaves from windward and sailed on 28 February 1763 with 400 for the West Indies. But its journal shows it left Anamaboe on 1 March 1763 with 438 slaves for Antigua.  Forty-four slaves died before the surviving 394 slaves (including 277 men and boys and 117 women and girls) were sold at Antigua by Messrs.  Blizard, Sherff & Byam on 18-19 Nay 1763.  The vessel’s return cargo for Bristol included 45 hogsheads and 4 barrels of sugar as well as a large quantity of stone and shingle ballast.


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