Captain Allen 1764

Captain: Allen
Date: 31 May 1764
Source:The Pennsylvania Gazette

Captain Allen in 34 days from the Grenada. Gives us the following piece of intelligence, viz, that a palace belonging to some port in England, bound from Gambia to Barbados, arrived off that island the latter end of March last, when the slaves, upwards of 100 in number, unhappily found means to fall upon the crew, and killed the Captain, Mate,, and some others, leaving only two men and two boys alive; one of these they placed at the helm, and stand over him with cutlass, ordering him to steer every morning towards the rising of the sun, lying by the latter part of the day and night.  The Negroes chofe one of their number as Captain, who having taken the command, and drafted himself in the Captain’s clothes, maintained the [?] order, in particular with reflect to the allowance of provifions, diftributing the fame quantity to the white men and boys, as was allowed to the sell.  To windward of Barbados a veffel hoifted out a boat, in order to go on thence was f[s]ent in purfuit [pursuit] of her, which proved intellectual.  In about ten days from the Blacks taking poffeffion of the polaces, she was found to be near the Grenades, when a sloop, properly fitted,, went in quest of her, which soon came up, and began, which the Negro, with swivels and several-arms maintained with firmness and vigour, till between 20 and 30 of them were wounded, two of whom died the Sloop then ran yup and boarded her, when they were obliged to submit and were accordingly taken and carried into the Grenades.  No lives were loft on board the sloop.