Newspaper Phoenix 1762

Ship: Phoenix
Source: Boston News Letter, 18 November 1762; Also in Walter Minchinton, Celia King, and Peter Waite, Virginia Slave-Trade Statistics 1698-1775. Virginia State Library: Richmond, 1984

One cargo intended for Virginia in the autumn of 1762 failed to reach its market: “Philadelphia Nov. 4. The Ship King George, Capt. Mackay from Londonderry, it arrived here.  On the 25th of October Capt.  Macky fell in with the Ship Phoenix of London William Macgachan, from the Coast of Africa
having on board to Virginia.  On the 20th of October, they lost their Masts, had several feet Water in the Hold and the Slaves and People being in great Distress for Provisions and Water, the Slaves rose, on which near 50 of them were killed, after which meeting with Capt Mackay, the white People took to their Boats and got on board Capt. Mackay, who brought them here.: