On Board Slave Revolt 1730

Date:   Feb 28, 1730
Capt.    Boage
Event:  Insurrection of Negroes
Source: Fog’s weekly Journal Feb 28, 1730

Monday a Trial came on before the Lord Chief Juftice [justice] Eyre, at the Sittings at Guiildhall, upon two Policies of Insurance taken out of the London Affurance [insurance] Office, between the Mafters [master] and Owners of the Clare-Galley (which was loft laft Summer on the Coaft [coast] of Guiney, by Means of an Infurrection [insurrection] of the Negroes on board, who blew up Part of the faid [said] Ship)  Plaintiffs, and the faid [said] Company Defendants; and after a full Hearing, the Jury brought in a Verdict for the Plaintiff, with 1260 l.  Damage.