Ship Aurora 1730

Ship: Aurora
Captain Davis

The Bristol merchants were at this time not happy over their profits. The Boston News Letter, Sept. 1731, contained the following item: “Bristol, May 1. There are letters from Annamabo, which relate that on the 7th of December last, a Sloop belonging to Glasgow in Scotland was carried off by the Negroes, on that Coast, who to the Number of 140 rose and killed the Mate and most of the Repulses by the Negroes rising to quell whom that Sailors were obliged to kill several and some of them lost their Lives in the Expedient; a Sickness too in that Climate has been very fatal to some of our Ships Companies, carried off many. What with the Negroes rising and other Disappointment in the late Voyages thither have occasioned a great Reducement in our Merchants Gains.

Source: Elizabeth Donnan, Volume III, p231