Ship Benjamin 1686

Ship Benjamin 1686
Authors: Clement Tudway and Edward Parsons
Date:  1686
Type:  Letter

On board slave revolt

Extracts of a letter from Mr. Clement Tudway and Mr. Edward Parson, dated Antegua, the 15th October, 1686

The Benjamin arrived there the 20th Septemb’r

With negroes from Gambia Lost 44

How he sold them

By 9 in a lott

Had 12 Refuse

Has made noe bad debts

The Flux swept a way the negroes

They rose

Kil’d the Cheife

The Seamen Sick soe as the Negroes were Neglected

PRO, T 70 12, p. 163 “Abstract of letters received by the royal African Company of England from the West Indies so far as relate to the Committee of Correspondence, No. 3, from July the 28th, 1683 to April the 28th, 1698.”