Ship Capt. Boage 1729

Dated: Sept 1729
Captain: Boage
Source: Fogs Weekly Journal; The Pennsylvania Gazette 6-13 JAN 1730; The Weekly Journal; or, the British-Gazetteer 6 SEPT 1729

Wednefday [Wednesday] came Advice from the Flying-House Arthur Lone Master, dated at Anamabo in Africa the 20th of April laft [last], that the Ship Capt. Boage, of Liverpool, had been cut off by the Negroes, and the said Master and all his Men eaten by them.  This Account comes from a Perfon [person] of Credit, who may have been miftahen in his Intelligence.  If there are any Canibals, or Men eaters there, they are up in the Country, and not on the Sea Coaft.

The same Advices confirm the Lofs [loss] of Capt, Murrell’s Ship, which was blown up by the Negro Slaves on board of it, and afterwards run afhore  [ashore]; but the faid Capt, was well at Capt Coaft.