Ship Caroline Sloop of Bristol

Ship Caroline Sloop of Bristol
Captain:  Halladay
Date:     May 26, 1728
Type:  Journal
Area:  Liberia, West Africa

Liverpool, Jan. 18.  From Capt. John reed, who arrived here a few days since from Africa, but last from fall? , we have the following Account; that on the 10th of May last, on the Coast of Africa, in his Passage from the Leeward, he put into Little Mezurade [Liberia] to get Rice, and there stay a day or two, and then sailed for gallenas, where one Tho. Kirkham came to him on the 26 of May, and gave the following melancholy Relation.  The Queen Caroline Sloop of Bristol, Capt. Halladay, in her Trade down the Coast, had been at the Bonnana Islands, and Sierra Leona, and had there taken in Twenty young Men negroes, each not past Twenty Years old: At the Island he took in a Black grometto, in order to help him in the Trade for rice at that Island.

On his Arrival at St. Paul’s, he sent his Mate Boatswain, and three more Hands ashore in their Boat along with the Black to procure rice, but he run the Boat into the River, where the Negroes on the shore endeavour’d to take them Prisoners; they defended themselves as well as they could, but the Mate and one more being killed on the Spot, the rest with the Boat were seized; next Morning the Grometo, with a Canoe and 4 or 5 Blacks, went on Board the ship, and told the Captain that his Boat was fully laden with Rice, Goats &c. and would soon be with therm.  The Captain grew jealous, but concealed it, and took this Fellow into the Cabin, and treated him; after which the Black went upon deck, and persuaded the purchased negroes to rise (they unfortunately being without Irons) which they agreed to:  One took an Iron Bar out of the Fire-Hearth, with which he killed the captain, and all the rest were soon murdered, except a Boy, who warded the Blow off by his Arm (which they broke) but the Pain slung him into a Swoon, and they thinking him dead, slung him over board, and by Accident into their Canoe, which, when they hove up the ship’s anchor, fell astern.  The Boy continued in her two Days, when he was taken up by some Negroes at Cape Mount, who carried him to their King’s House where he was taken Care of, and there the said Kirkmam saw and had the foregoing Relation from him.  The Sloop was carry’d to a Place call’d the Bar, about 18 leagues to the Windward of Gallenas:  they turned all the negroes ashore, and landed all the Cargo at the Black fellow’s House.  Two white Men, who lived near him went off in the Night and weigh’d the Sloop’s anchor, pretending they design’d to carry her to the Bonnana Islands, or Sierra Liona, and there to deliver her to the English for Account of her Owners; but on the 7th of June Capt.

Source:  The Weekly Journal: or, the British Gazetteer (London) 25 Jan 1729.