Ship Jane 1756

Ship: Jane
Capt: Alexander Hope
Departure: Africa
Designation: St. Croix
Source: PA Gaz 30 Sept 1756

Saturday Evening last Captain Ashfield arrived here in a Sloop Alexander Hope late Master from Africa, but last from St. Croix in 11 Days, and informs us, that about two Months ago, 100 Leagues from the Coast, six or seven Slaves that were upon deck, watched an Opportunity, when he and some more of the Crew were in the Hold, rushed into the Cabbin, knocked Capt. Hope’s Brains out, wounded Mr. Charles Duncan, the second Mate, in sundry Places, secured all the Arms, and kept Possession of the cabin for four Hours. Charles Duncan with Difficulty got out of the Cabbin, and with the Assistance of Mr. Ashfield and the Cooper got the door shut upon the Negroes; they then discharged all the Muskets and Blunderbusses at the Crew, through the Door, but hurt none of them. The Negroes having discharged all their Pieces, Mr. Ashfield and the cooper rushed into the Cabbin upon them, disarmed the slaves, and recovered the Vessel. The Ringleader of the Slaves jumped over board, and was drowned
Mr. Ashfield received several wounds, as did the cooper, but are both pretty well.

Williams History of the Liverpool privateers