Ship Tobias Lisle 1756

Letter to the committee from Tobias Lisle, William Harvey, and Joseph Debatt, dated James Fort, July 24, 1756

We are sorry to advise you of having rec. the melancholy accounts of Mr. Stirling’s/your 3rd Officer in Council here/ being cut off & murdered in the Way down the [Gambia?] River.  The unhappy Affair happened the 6th Inst. And was occasioned by an Insurrection his Slaves, whom it seems he was rather over careful of; in letting them too much at liberty.

PRO, T 70, 30, p.163

Brief reference to the ship being cut off was also made in a letter to the Committee from the same three people as above, dated James fort, Sept. 16, 1756, p. 166.

Letter from Tobias Lisle, dated James fort, Gambia, July 24, 1756.

Since the foregoing are sorry to advise of Mr. Stirling’s being murdered in his Way down the river on the 6th Instant, by his slaves rising, to whom it seems he gave too much Liberty:  dispatched away a boat with a proper officer & People to enquire into the Affair, & to save what effects they can; tho’ they fear to little purpose, as they have reason to believe the whole on board has been embezzled: expect soon the Particulars w’ch they will fully relate in their next.

PRO, T 70 1694, [no page] in “Extract of letters, No. 1: 1751-1757”

SEE ALSO letter from Tobias Lisle, dated James fort, Gambia, Sept. 16th, 1756 in above: “The sloop Mr. Stirling was cut off in, fell afterwards into very good Hands…”