The Snow Dove 1762

Letter from Joseph Debat, Edmund Tew, and Samuel Hurst to the Committee, dated James Fort, December 20, 1762

Ship: The Snow Dove

The Snow Dove of Liverpool arrive here in May last on Trading Voyage, but the rains setting in before she could Compleat her Purchase at yanimarue occasioned such a mortality among her crew as to render her Incapable of Proceeding her Voyage; and She lay off the fort in the utmost Distress and as there was not Hands sufficient to take care of her permitted the captain to Land most of his Slaves a great scarcity of corn ensuing in the Country, were Obliged to feed them with our Bread, flour, and salt Provisions; and though at Length we Procured Hands Sufficient to carry her off this calamity prevented it and the few Slaves that were on Board, Viz, forty four, rose, took the Vessel, murder’d the Commander, and another white man, she Drove on the spit nigh the fort, they fired several Volleys of small arms, but fortunately did not damage; it Obliged us at Length to play some Battery, and Bastion guns against her, which tore her Almost to pieces; but the Flood tide floated her off to the Foiniua Continent; this Obliged us to Man a Scooner of our Own, and two Boats, under the direction of Captain Hurst who Recover’d twenty two Slaves, and some wax, the rest were killed, for But few got a Shore; there was upwards of forty more of the Said Vessel’s Slaves on the fort at the Time of this Misfortune; they will be at Shipp’d for the West Indies on freight, ion a Vessel that Sail from hence on the Owner’s Account…

PRO, T 70, 31, p. 32